A crazy, and often, a certifiably insane female. Characteristics of a twatisaurus (Also known as a Twatisaurus Rex, or Twatisaur) include irritability, ignorance, lack of care for others, stupidity, and many other symptoms.

A twatisaurus resembles a very angry dinosaur on a rampage. See "PMS."
1. Krystal is such a twatisaurus when she isn't on bipolar medication.

2. Wayne only dates dumb twatisauruses that are half his age!
by ChipmunkCheeks89 October 24, 2011
something a chick would call her best friend if she was being annoying or dumb.
Jordan: stfu you twatisaurus!
Mattie: lol!
by JordyNicole January 11, 2011

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