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Tuscan Mule: (Eng. 20th Cent.) - A chain of sexual moves beginning with a butt fuck followed by a blow job with full inversion of bodily fluids. Basically you are BF'ing you special lady friend and cop a pull out like you are going to blow the load, switch ends for the BJ and pull a fluid inversion, instead of spunk she gets piss, and the exclamation point is the up-the-nose-shot for that jumped in the pool with the acidity of piss in the sinus burn. If she comes back for more, you got a keeper.
Dude, that chick got wasted at the party, and Phil and Wes both pulled Tuscan Mules on her. She needed 4 rolls of paper towels and a pressure washer to clean up.
by Wing Commander November 29, 2005
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