A sandwich inspired by Happy Day's "The Fonz" and his girlfriend Leather Tuscadero. "Tuscadero sandwich" was a phrase Peter on Family Guy used in Season 1, to describe Fonz and Leather having intercourse. Some kids in New York decided to invent a literal Tuscadero Sandwich. It is served hot on a hero, with Roast Beef, Red Peppers and Provolone cheese. Kids in the western part of Suffolk County] NY particularly Port Jefferson Station] and Cold Spring Harbor] prefer the Tuscadero on rye bread, with Russian dressing. Several other variants throughout the tri-state area are known.
Guy 1: "Eh, want to go down to the deli and grab a Tuscadero sandwich?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, just let's not do it on Rye like those wierd kids from Cold Spring Harbor."

Guy 3: punches jukebox

The Beatles Revolver starts playing

Deli Owner: "Ehh!!!!!"

Guys: "Ehhh!!!!"
by noo yawkur February 08, 2011

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