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Turtle Ball is a drinking game played with ideally 2 white wine glasses, 2 equally sized beer mugs, 2 ping pong balls, 4 players(although you may play with 2), any sort of bouncable table, 2 chairs, and 1 bench. The game shall be arranged by having 1 wine glass and 1 beer mug on each side and with 2 players sitting in the two chairs on 1 side and 2 players in the bench on the other. Mugs must always be on right side. The bench shall always be located on the south or west side of the table depending on which direction the table faces. This is the side home team must always sit on. If there are two home teams home team(aka bench side) will be determend by a best of 2 rock paper scissors, if teams split games whoever threw rock more wins.

Now that your set up we can begin to Turtle Ball. The ultimate goal of the game is to make your opponenets drink all of their beer in their glasses. When a team runs out of beer they lose. This is done by bouncing the ping pong ball either one of the glasses or by making contact with a glass. If you make the ball into a glass your oppenents must drink all of the contents in the other glass on their side. If you make contact with a glass both of your opponents must drink a number of drinks based on how many bounces that shot had. Also the ball must bounce at least once however, it may be swatted between first and second bounce.
"So... uh wanna play some Turtle Ball?"
"Dude i totally Turtle Balled you so hard last night"
"I could beat the president in Turtle Ball"
"I wanna be a Turtle Baller when i grow up"
by Kevin and Austin December 19, 2009
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