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Where to start? Campus is a shithole. Populated with assholes and wannabe gangstas. Located in Brampton; thus the ethnic distribution doesn't even warrant a mention. School is run like a prison and no wonder. Walking past any one of the school’s many entrances almost guarantees a sighting of the previously mentioned assholes (what they do standing by the doors all fucking day I have no clue). These chavs think they are da shit. Most can be seen mumbling idiotic rap lyrics under their breath, usually with pants hanging from below their knees giving us all a view of their ratty underwear. Occasionally these asshats will call out obscene comments to innocent looking girls walking by, making all those with even half a brain want to slap the shit outta them. Although there are a few cool minority groups located at Turner, none are persistent enough to keep it from becoming a breeding ground for ignorant jerks and preppy bitches. As far as I can tell, the drug scene is pretty nonexistent (not a 100% sure on this one as I have spotted what looks like angst ridden punks smoking suspicious stuff in shady areas outside school property). Teachers are (for the most part) dissatisfied with their lives and determined to take out their misgivings on any and all students. With the exception of a small few, most don’t give a rat’s ass whether you are succeeding or not.
Person 1: Where do you go to school?
Person 2: Turner Fenton.
Person 1: ...
by justanothernobody December 27, 2012
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