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Turkish Mudflapssex (-0.758)
The Set up:
For the Turkish Mudflaps to take place there are 3 key elements that are required to be present. First, the man involved must be short and slender. Second, the woman involved must so obese that her ass cheeks have rolls on her rolls. And the third, most crucial, element is that the woman must have a vicious case of diarrhea.

The Act:
The male starts by engaging in anal sex (it should be noted at this point that the because of the thrusting, diarrhea will and MUST be pulled out, pushed back in, and smeared all over the ass cheek rolls, making a giant mess and resembling soiled mud flaps). When the male is ready to nut, he quickly pulls out, jumps up and spins around landing on the small of the woman’s back. As the male nuts over the target area he then jumps down, slapping her ass cheeks together/around mixing the poop and nut to produce a truly vile mess.
"That little dude likes to do the turkish mudflaps with the chubbies he fucks."

"You hear what that guy did? Apparently, he pulled off the turkish mudflaps with that 3-bill Jill sittin' over there! What a sick fuck!"
by Schpooken November 04, 2009
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