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A distinctive move during sexual intercourse where a female is on all fours or standing up with the male partner positioned behind her and his penis is inserted into the her anus or vagina. The female then reaches backwards with her hand, between her legs, and "cups" her male partner's testicles, thus engaging in the "Turkish Tea Cup"

This stimulating move can heighten the onset of ejaculation in some men, while in others it may postpone this critical moment, allowing for the couple to engage in extended hedonistic pleasure.


If she has two male partners, one below her (in front of her) and one behind her with one penis in her vagina and the second in her anus, this movement is now referred to as a "Turkish Sandwich".

If all partners are of the same sex, the move would be referred to as the "Turkish Lock". An all female couple will usually have a prosthetic penis, fingers, or something of the like for rear insertion, but the partner on all fours or standing up will now be rubbing her partner's clitoris.
Jack and Jill ran up the hill to fuck each others brain out, Jill grabbed her ankles, Jack dropped his pants and went balls deep while singing Mr Bojangles, she let out a peep, it felt so good, but she knew he might, so she reached back and gave him a Turkish Tea Cup.
by Lazerz4eyez February 06, 2013
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