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'to turk' (v - transitive) to be vigorously pillaged up the anus by a sweaty man of Middle Eastern or Turkish extraction, normally (but not always) against one's will. Often occurs in sordid prisons or dank, humid basements. Unpleasant.
Whilst Archibold perused some Persian rugs his eye was caught by a robust looking Moroccan who beckoned him to observe some more ''carpets'' in his basement by explaining to Archibold that the better quality carpets were kept out of sunlight.
On entering the basement it was too late and poor Archibold realised he had been caught up in some dastardly deed. For the next hour he received a thoroughly good ''turking''.
by Toby Harding May 29, 2007
when somebody is experiencing the feeling of desire associated with "the turk" - coming from the term cold turkey. coined by Cestrians to legitimise and satirise the overwhelming urge to consume cannabis or other narcotics. the term can also be applied widely to nearly everything it is possible for a man to desire
"turking a good meal" turking a pork" (see pork) "turking a poo"
by dontgetcaught November 06, 2012
Throwing dead, frozen, baby turkeys on neighbors' lawns. This can also be done by placing the turkey in a mailbox.
We went turking last night and john got three mailboxes.
by Steve2 May 06, 2007
A twerking turkey.
I put the turkey in the oven and it started's turking.
by merffy October 02, 2014
To turk is to have sexual intercourse. As simple as that !
Those two have been turking each other I feel sure !
by Muffindamule October 01, 2006
1. Object must be a yarrak kafa (dick head).
2. Sends empty text messages or calls and hangs up just as you answer (or just when you are about to) but then never explains himself.
3. Is a turkish controlling mommy/daddy.
4. Is a control freak.
5. The process of when you tend to get into fights with girls of boys and then walking almost face against the wall and sitting facing the opposite direction in a room and telling the person you are mad at not to tell anyone that you are in a fight, but then you go and tell everyone yourself.
6. Is having "fuck/fuck it" as a favourite proverb.
7. Being a turk.
8. Showing LOVE the turkish way.
9. Gets very pissed off at being dissed in own language.
10. Turkers like little girls (subyenci).
11. You tell people to buy cms, when really you could do with a few yourself where you lack it (just under the waist in front) if the person even knows that there is something supposed to be there.
1. CHECK YAGIZ (definition)
2. Will he ever stop turking all my phones!?!
3. He keeps turking and not letting me say man, fuck, or generally swear.
4. You turker.
5. Stop turking around, get over it!
6. He talks in such a fucking turking way.
7. God, what a turker.
8. He is sooooooooo turking me!!!! ;)
9. He gets so turked off man when i say something in this language!!!!
10. SEE YAGIZ (definition)
11. He is so turking small.
by zizina June 16, 2007

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