1. A person who is of equal or less importance to a turd.
2. A person who smells like shit
3. Asians
4. A person who steps in shit
' Ha! you fucking turdsworth '
' Jon, your a turdsworth '

Rob: 'Oi Jon, i heard your mom stepped in shit'
Jon: 'Yeah she did'
Rob: 'Turdsworth'
by The.Angry.Dwarf December 02, 2009
Top Definition
Whereby one cannot finish one's meal and the amount left on the plate is comparable to the turd within the individual.
Sarah was out to brunch with her girlfriends but was yet to have a bowel motion for the day consequently she left a turdsworth of French toast on the plate.

Graham: "Frank, do you need to shit?"

Frank: "How did you know?"

Graham: "You've left a turdsworth of your carbonara."

Frank: "I love you".

Graham: "What?"

Frank: "Nothing".
by Shombray5000 January 18, 2015
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