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How dumbass idiots attempt to insult you
Tha nigga jus cal me a turd juggler!? Wow wat a fag
by sw@ggaT December 07, 2010

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One who juggles turds for the entertainment of themselves and others.

A plumber or sewage management worker who's job it is to keep human waste processing running smoothly.
The circus performer was afraid to juggle chainsaws, so he became a turdjuggler

The toilets backed up again. Better call the turdjuggler.
by TheMadLinguist January 05, 2009
a man juggling 3 hot turds in 5 minutes without letting one slip
wow look at that man juggling three brown hot dogs....hang on, their not hot dogs, they are human poo...wow he is one hot mo fo....no actualy he is THE TURD JUGGLER
by SARA B July 10, 2006