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A person who constantly has shit coming out of their mouth.
I can't believe you said that, you're such a turd muncher.
by Breezie's September 21, 2005
The medical phenomena of a person's breathe literally smelling like fecal matter; a derogatory term for someone whose mouth smells like intestinal waste, or rotting protein.
"Go brush your teeth you little turd-muncher!"
by The Dirty Mouth of the South September 26, 2010
Somebody who munches turds
Kelly: hey sue, what are you doing tonight?
Sue: Not much kelly, how bout you?
Kelly: Thought I might watch a movie and munch some turds. Wanna come over?
Sue: Sounds great kel, I love munching turds!
by Dave September 19, 2003
A person who you don't like but can't quite hate
"Dude! Our Gay Uncle Evan is such… such a… um… such a Turd Muncher!"
by Too Tun Tonto July 24, 2016
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