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Term used for a person or persons that are typically found at work, that you hate because they dont know shit about anything.
The word 'Turcoon' derives from the words 'turkey' and 'raccoon.'
the reason:
Turkey farmers will herd the turkeys inside when it rains, because they look up at the rain with their mouths open, and they end up drowning because they are too stupid to know any better!
Raccoons on the other hand, are smart animals, BUT..
if they reach inside a tight place for an item, such as food in a bottle, their fists then prevent them from getting the said item out of the bottle. here lies the problem... they dont have the thought process to LET GO OF THE ITEM and get the hell away from there, and then they die, sitting there wondering what the hell to do.

Turkey + Raccoon = Turcoon
Jeez, that guy Mark is such a freakin turcoon, how the hell did he make it this far in life?

Holy SHIT! Did you hear Keith complaining about how much of a turcoon Teddi is? He was so mad! She messed up the Johnson account, and now the rest of the turcoons on day shift are going to get in trouble!
by Ermil O'Murray October 11, 2005
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