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Turbo Cider is a kind of budget-homebrew, often produced by students and those not old enough to buy their own booze. The main motive for producing such a beverage is usually just to get pissed on - and thus it is commonly frowned upon by 'proper' homebrewers and cider connoisseurs.

The process of brewing a Turbo Cider is to warm up some apple juice, and add some sugar and brewing yeast. A drinkable alcoholic beverage can be produced within two to three weeks, hence the name "Turbo Cider".
Julian: Man, this cider is proper skanky stuff. It tastes like absolute cack!!
Tarquin: I know, right! It's some turbo cider i did at home... it'll get us wrecked though!
#skanky #booze #cack #wrecked #cider #students #turbo wank
by JizzJizz69 December 16, 2011
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