Somebody who really gets under your skin for being really annoying in a smart-aleck-ish way and/or being too realistic.
Bob: There are 9 planets in the solar system.

Tuppin: Actually, there are 8. Pluto is not a planet.
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by friendlypie May 12, 2011
Top Definition
A sentence enhancer. Can be used in any setting with friends.

This word is a hype word.

Used to describe a state of intense, hype intoxication and state of being.

Can be used as in tup or tuppin'

Substitute curse word
We tuppin' tonight? (Used as substitute for partying).

Orginal- (We getting crunk tonight)
Thug version- (Aye niggas, it's time to tup)
Intoxication- ( I was tuppin' so hard at that party last night!)
Substitute curse worse- (What the hell you got on?)

(What the tup you got on?)
by The Enigma7 July 05, 2013
British corn-based breakfast cereal often eaten with penny loafers.
"Tuppins for breakfast?"
by Nick Limoni March 24, 2008
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