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A sport made famous in Richmond Virginia, where two players stand adjacent to each other in a tunnel, and try to bounce a tennis ball from the wall opposite to them, to the wall next to them, and hit the wall there opponent is standing in front of to make a "Z" pattern. If the opponent catches the ball they can try to throw the ball in the similar fashion, to try to gain a point. If the ball hits the opponents, wall and is not successfully blocked the player gains a point. This sport tends to be played in pedestrian under-road tunnels where there is a grid pattern in the concrete. It tends to be played by stoners ranging from the ages of 16-25.
James - Dude me and Derek got got blazed the other day, and invented this sport called Tunnel Tennis.

Will - That sounds sweet man, teach me how to play!
by guy13 February 09, 2012
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