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Unsurprisingly dull place. Highlights include the "I'm sorry to bother you" man, pram pushin pikey teens, and a high quantity of very dubious looking trannies.
If you are in Tunbridge Wells go to tescos for to spot the trannies and the highstreet for the "I'm sorry to bother you" man
by B Simpson June 07, 2006
45 61
A place in Kent always mistaken for Tonbridge and vice versa. Thinks its posh but it's not really. Lots of chav mums and their 'bran babies'. Known as T Wells, Tunny Wells, TW...

Aside from that it houses Bob Mortimer and Gary Bushell. (The latter not cool.)
Bob Mortimer lives in Tunbridge Wells.
Tunbridge Wells, not so much Royal these days.
by Posh Birds Do It Best December 27, 2011
9 10