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An elite group of witches, some part of the pagan community and some not, who use their tumblr blogs to denounce fictitious information and call pagans/witches out on their BS.

They often fight against various kinds of oppression (be it racism, heterosexism, shaming, etc...) present in the pagan/witchy community.
In addition to that, they are fountains of knowledge in their craft and many admire and learn from them.
witch 1: Did you see that blogger who posted saying how Satanists weren't pagan?

witch 2: Yeah! I loved how the Tumblr Witches corrected them with their awesome sass!

witch 1: I know! I can't believe it's still being debated!


witch 1: I had this problem with this abusive spirit. It was really scary!

witch 2: Oh no! What did you do about it?

witch 3: Well I've never really worked with spirits so I asked the Tumblr Witches for advice, and they helped out. I'm so grateful for them!
by happyheretic February 12, 2013