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Person on Tumblr usually between the ages of 13-19 with no artistic taste at all. Constantly spamming peoples feeds with images of over saturated garbage. Most notably things such as but not limted to: Monster Energy Drink cans, neon colored sugary candy( in or outside of the packageing), soda pop drinks, ice cream, Emo kids, anything that has the ability to glow, target shopping carts (its the bright red and chrome), water guns, dorito chip bags, fun dip, and more emo kids.
(finding out a new friend has a tumblr and you followed them before really bothering to look at their stuff, then when you find out they're a tumblr baby it's too akward to unfollow them)

*To self as scrolling through persons blog*
"G.D. Tumblr Babies..."
by Jammin8612 October 22, 2011
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