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Falling over while having sex standing up. Falling off of the bed while fucking. Falling over the railing while fucking on a balcony. Fucking while in a dryer
"Took the old lady down to the laudramat for a TUMBLE FUCK." "Me and the old lady was really going at it til we took a TUMBLE FUCK off the bed." Crime scene: "Hope they was enjoying themselves before they took a TUMBLE FUCK two stories to the ground." "If I would of taken my socks off last night me and the wife wouldn't of went for a TUMBLE FUCK in the middle of the floor"
by Psycho Brutus December 02, 2011
An inept idiot prone to falling over. One who screws up constantly.
This isn't what I wanted, you tumble fuck!

Look what's rolling down the mountain........ a couple of tumble fucks.

Don't give that to tumble fuck, he'll just fuck it all up.
by spektralx November 21, 2008
The act of being crushed by tumbling objects, also the act of violently raping someone like a dog while they sleep.

Can also be blurted out by accident while talking to meggs due to wanting to tumble fuck.
The logs rolled off the truck and tumble fucked john.

Later that night John was tumble fucked while he dreamt.

"what's past tense of tumble fuck?... I mean dream!! Sorry. i have tumble fucking on the brain." Says cody.
"obviously, since you're talking to me" replies Meggs.
by >>... my name is steve October 04, 2009

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