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When one jizzez into another's belly button or their own, and the partner eats cereal out of it. Preferably lucky charms.
H: Some bitch ate lucky charms out of my belly button last night.

M: Damn, fo real??!?! you got a tum diddley??? nice.
by EichGrizzy February 23, 2011
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The act of ejalculating into a belly button and placing cereal in the belly button (prefereably Lucky Charms). Now you grab a spoon and make your bitch eat that shit while you chill on your ass and play COD.
Tom: Yo, i was playing COD last night and this biddy knocked on my window so i let her in and we shared a nice Tum Diddley.

Harry: That is radical dude!
by BonesNYY March 27, 2011
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