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The canadian phrase for beanie
You got your tuke for snowboarding?
by Brady January 15, 2004
146 94
An acronym for The Ugliest Kid Ever coined in Arlington, Ma and used quite frequently.


T- The


K- Kid

E- ever.
Ex. 1: Woah! You hooked up with her? That biddy is Tuke!

Ex. 2: That tuke biddy over there keeps givin me the eye, let's dip before she jumps on my dick.
by Dr. PillowPants August 05, 2010
54 29
n.- the ugliest kid ever
adj.- extremely ugly
That girl is tuke!
that is the tukest kid i have ever seen.
by Rach January 21, 2005
88 71
The act of quickly shooting a large hard shit out of your ass.
Jared did a tuke during our camping trip and when he did it we thought it was a tree falling down.
by goldISgood March 18, 2010
29 31
verb: a forceful thrust using the fingertips to inflict pain on another.
George was being annoying so I tuked him in the neck.
by Erin Kanewer January 04, 2008
13 45
Slang term for hair that has been styled.
Man, quit messin' with the tuke
by Forsaken s0ul June 10, 2005
11 44
An uncircumsized penis with a large foreskin.
Marsha decided to blow Jimmy, but when she pulled back his tuke she choked on his pungent head cheese.
by Hydrochronix October 24, 2004
32 65