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to take a direct drink of liquor from the bottle with, or without a chaser.
Look at that guy taking TUGS of karkov!
by Twaka41 March 17, 2010
31 32
To masturbate feverishly
"I could really go for a tug right now"
by JohnnyAwesome March 18, 2003
326 114
To have a wank i.e. to stroke an erect penis until orgasm and ejaculation
Last night, Brad had a tug with his friends
by JammyJack February 19, 2006
177 97
The act of taking a hit on a water pipe.
Getcha a tug of this dro.
Pull a tug off this hookah hose bro.
by 405Mike June 28, 2011
69 53
1. Noun: Hand Job
2. Verb: To masturbate a man's penis, to give them a hand job
Person 1: Will you give me tug?
Person 1:
Carl and Maise are under the covers right now
Person 2:

Damn, is Carl getting the Lurps or the Tugs?
by AndIStillMoveOn October 11, 2010
17 7
(Throw Up Girl) one who cannot sit at a family dinner or just sit in front of a plate of food without have the urge to vomit in mid-air or become nauseated out of the blue.
Mom: Hey Kimmy its time for dinner

Kimmy: -gags- I'm coming

Minutes later at the dinner table....
mom: Kimmy please eat your dinner
Kimmy: -panics, turns gray- I'm not hungry anymore

mom: -looks at Kimmy-
Kimmy: -gags-
Mom: get outta my sight with that TUG shit.....
by DMJAY October 01, 2013
10 5
An Entertainment Lable, which stands for "The Ultimate Group"
Some Singers from T.U.G are Omarion, Marques Houston and others
by talented people January 16, 2008
5 7