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Derived from the colloguial New England English word "tucker" of the 19th Century.
To "tucker" is to exhuast and to be "tuckered out" is to be exhausted.
I didn't get back from the bars 'til three o'clock in the morning and today I'm plumb tuckered out.
by TheArithmetic January 31, 2008
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Gee whiz johnny, i had to work at starbucks at 5:30 this morning and im too tuckered out to be penetrated
by Bobby Z August 22, 2006
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to be tired. also to be excited in a monotone for your wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend.
haley and austin were tuckered out after mini golf and boling with lexi and mason and haley and austin later played with tucker and kiwi there dogs...
by fredrich desantiago March 19, 2008
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