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I am sorry since I am under the influence of the tubthumping game and will fix this later. Invented by Ian O'Hara and Craig Stephenson and first tested by Ian from Roskie 927, Craig from Roskie 915, and Aaron from Roskie 914 at Montana State University-Bozeman on Cinco de Mayo 2008. This is a potent game of drinking, in which, if you recall from the song by Chumbawumba, "Tubthumping" takes in order, a whiskey drink, a vodka drink, a lager drink, and a cider drink. You must take these drinks in shots in turn with the song. This happens twice during the song and equals about just under 5 standard drinks in around 4 minutes. Even though Ian thought a standard drink must be taken for all of the drinks and Craig felt a shot was a necessary fit to the game, Craig was correct in that there isn't enough time to finish a full beer and cider for one and anymore alcohol in this time will provide a rough time. Craig wins in this case, as it gets the "Regular Joe" pretty messed up and is a lot of fun if it doesn't kill you. I hope you try the "Tubthumping Game" and think its a good one as it spreads across America. Thanks and have a good one in your "Tubthumping" escapades.
The Tubthumping Drinking Game is a fun game for all. In order, you take a whiskey drink, you take a vodka drink, you take a lager drink, and you take a cider drink as the song sings it. Have fun in honor of Craig and Ian.
by Ian O'Hara May 06, 2008
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