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What you put on when it's time to get shit done.
When you've played around for a while (usually on a video game) and done well so far, but have decided to play to your max potential when things get rough. Commonly used by both Halo and CS fans.
Halo: Alright Shee fag, you've had your fun, it's time to put on the try hard pants. (gets in a hornet)

CS: Alright Awp Whore, you've had your kill streak, now it's time to put on the try hard pants. (whips out the Famas on burst)
by TheMobiusMan November 17, 2009
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In Gaming, when a player is doing well, as if determined.
"Wow this kid has his Try-Hard pants pulled all the way up to his chest"
by Slaytanix October 06, 2009

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