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Living a decadent life filled with exotic drugs, music festivals and Daddy's credit card, the trust fund hippy leads quite a lavish existence. A delusional breed of trust fund babies inspired by ideals of free-love, artistic expression and environmental conservatism, these particularly abhorrent hypocrites usually amount to nothing more than lazy acid-loving potheads who refuse to to recognize their place in society as cash-cows for largely unoriginal music acts fueled by new age technology, massively oversized speakers and lightshows so over-the-top and spectacular that the true hippies of the '60's and '70's probably would have enlisted in 'Nam just to see them set to Pink Floyd. Tell a trust fund hippy that a life of live music and drugs inherently requires a significant financial backing simply not available to 99% of people in the world and you'll be met with outright anger and denial. They will tell you their lifestyle is about mind-opening experiences and spreading peace and love as they take a drag of Cali's finest weed on the way to Coachella where they'll make about 5 videos commemorating the weekend on their latest version of the iPhone.
Trust fund hippy 1: Dude, I ate 5 grams of shrooms last night and realized something.
Normal human being: What?
Trust fund Hippy: Life is beautiful, man.
Normal human being: Yeah, it should be if your parents give you money to smoke weed all day, party all night and go to like 5 music festivals a year, douche.
Trust fund hippy: Dude! I'm just careful with my allowance and save it for things I really like! Don't be a dick, man!
Normal human being: I hate everything about you
by alcoholism is hilarious April 27, 2014
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