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Trumbull Syndrome is a neurosis found in young people, usually males. The sole symptom is the tendency to complain endlessly about how one's hometown is boring and lame and in general just terrible. Afflicted individuals are very depressed and angry all the time. "There's nothing to do in this town except get baked and drive around, bro," they'll often say in disgust. It's a HIGHLY contagious illness; do not associate with anyone who has Trumbull Syndrome or you will end up standing around smoking unfiltered cigarettes at the local Dunkin' Donuts.

Trumbull Snydrome is named after the suburban town of Trumbull, Connecticut, a safe, upscale town that everyone thinks stinks.
Person with Trumbull Syndrome: "Yo, man...there's nothing to do in this town but go on blunt rides. This place fuckin' sucks. I'm really depressed."
by Egh2012 May 24, 2012

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