A 16 year old Up & Coming Hip Hop artist, from Saugus California, that is determined to be successful in the music industry check him out at Soundcloud (.) com/Truent96
have you heard of Truent?
ohh well go look him up, hes dope!
by Truent October 17, 2012
Top Definition
to skip school for no reason
"I'm not going to school today."
"Why not?"
"I'm mad tired and got no homework done last night"
"Dude, you're being truent"
by archiesangel715 December 18, 2009
when you hoes be boppin niggahs left and right so much that they have to skip class
boy 1: where were you?
girl 1: being truant
boy 1: girl you better stop givin dome before you get aids
girl 1 : nahh im clean i just love being truent
boy 1; SMH...
by a truant hoe March 23, 2014
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