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An award-winning a capella group comprised of mainly average-looking males attending Truman State University (Note: Some members may in fact be above average-looking). Ignited in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, this all-male singing group holds concerts on the Truman State campus and performs at other singing engagements. A True Men Alumni Concert was held on March 31, 2007.
Annie: C'mon girls, away to Baldwin we go! We don't want to be late for the True Men concert! *screams of agreement and excitement ensue*

Person 1: Do you think True Men will sing "Milk and Cereal"... again?
Person 2: CEREAL AND MILK! CEREAL AND MILK! CEREAL AND MILK! CEREAL AND MILK! *Person 2 gets down with her badself*
by chinadoll May 18, 2007
A True Man, that people hate cuz the aint him.
Damn, noone spits the truth like Trueman.
by Topless.Trueman January 03, 2010
To let your bestfriend have a girl cause you know that he really needs a woman in his life to help him through what he is going through
Dude danny is a trueman for letting me take her out even though he likes her
by ecyoj ronnoc July 17, 2008
Used primarily in southern Maryland, trueman, when used as a noun, is slang for "gypsy." It is also used as an exclamation when a toad is found near one's mailbox.
Example 1, slang for gypsy: "I went to see a fortune-telling trueman to find out if Kristin is in love with me. I think the trueman put a hex on me instead. I should have tipped her."

Example 2, as an exclamation: "Trueman! Ugh, toads are so gross."
by misella landica February 03, 2010