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True Brown Style 13 is the biggest, violent and #1 street gang in the Philippines. TBS 13 is also a Sureno Gang here in the Philippines. Because it has the #13 symbol and Blue color of a Surenos Gang and yall know that.
True Brown Style 13 is what I represent!
by one of the O.G.'s sa South April 24, 2007

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True Brown Style 13, also known as TBS, with filipino origins.

Its a group of retarded Filipino kids that live on the consumption of gasoline solvents. They take refuge in the sewers of manila. They seem to think its cool to look utterly retarded and their poor misrepresentation of music and art leaves some people mentally disturbed. Most NORMAL people compare this group of retards to dog turds and multiple used condoms, fortunately dog turds do more good because dog turds can serve as a fertilizer, DOG SHIT > True BROWN style.
Here is an example of a retarded kid that belongs to the True Brown Style 13 Gang.

Search True Brown Style in youtube, i can't post links

btw, non of their members have any sex organs since they are neither male nor female.
by Constanthinderance September 14, 2009
A big time street gang in the philippines.
the true brown style 13 is the number 1 gangsta in the philippines.
by Shortkut February 02, 2004