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1) Describing one who loves each & every brother.
There are no more posters that read; "Joe, You're Hot. Nick, You're Cute. Kevin, You're Ok."
2) One who does not form a "Jonas Girlfriend/Wife Hate Club"
One who is happy for the brothers, no matter what they choose.
One who NEVER sends hate mail to an object of Jonas affection.
3) One who will spend excessive amounts of time and money to see the Jonas Brothers.
This includes;
Finding out tour dates
Skipping school or work to buy tickets
Driving or flying long distances to an appearance
Staying up until midnight to be the first to buy a cd
Making handmade presents for each brother
4) One who helps other Jonas fans in a time of need or crisis without reserve.
One who is there for his/her Jonas sisters/brothers.
One who understands when there is an OJD moment one can't control (ie; When Kevin does a back flip while playing guitar, Joe stands under the water on the World Tour 2009, Nick writes a soulful song, or Frankie does something adorable.)
5) Loving each brother for "Who I Am"

Note; Age range for True Jonas Fan ranges from 1-100.
There is no known cure. Anyone can be a TJF. No specification of gender for a TJF. A TJF will openly admit to being one, even at the risk of sounding conceited. A TJF is also supportive of Jonas Fangirls and help them to overcome their disorder ie; become the girls a Jonas would desire, not the screaming & annoying girls they are.
Example 1
Morgan- "Did you see where there was ANOTHER Kevin hate moment?!"
LaTanya- "What?! No!"
Morgan- "I know! We gotta show Kev some love!"
*girls precede to post on every Jonas site "WE LOVE KEVIN!"

Example 2
Hailey- "Ohmygosh! Did you hear that Joe has a new girlfriend"
Jade- "No way!! Man, I wish that was me. But oh well. As long as Joe is happy."
Hailey- "Way to be a True Jonas Fan."

Example 3
Maddie- *yawns*
Rachel- "Tired?"
Maddie- "Yeah. I stayed up till midnight to get the new Jonas Brothers cd and then was up until 3 memorizing the lyrics."

Example 4
Katy- *standing in line to get into concert* "I'm getting really dizzy." *Jonas fans begin pushing her to front of line and pounding on venue doors so that security lets her in. Then each fans sends a tweet to each Jonas letting them know what happened. Then each fan finds girl to make sure she is ok before they take their seat*

Example 5
Molly- "OHMYGOSH! Joe has a beard now!"
Liz- "Yeah! I don't really like it but of Joe does, then GO JOE!"
Molly- "Way to be a True Jonas Fan."
by thatmjgirl August 05, 2010
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