A lame and failing attempt to entertain kids by nickelodeon.

it's extremely low budget and there's a laugh track played after pretty much every line.

Weird episode plots. bad actors. stupid concept.
I truly can't sit through a full episode of it.
Ryan what are you doing?! *laugh track*
Just a little target practice. *laugh track*
Are you crazy? *laugh track* You could hurt somebody! *laugh track*

Could someone please pelt the producers of True Jackson VP with bricks?
by Brie Cheeze August 23, 2010
Top Definition
A stupid show where immature 15 year olds work in the Fashion business, make ugly clothes and act like first graders and have terrible humor.
True Jackson VP: "Omg, Ryan, the Pinks are here!!"
Ryan: "Whats pink?" -laughter-
by truejacksonvpsucks October 14, 2009

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