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A term and a movement that was started by a man named Bill Greathouse (Bill1224602 on You Tube) that basically describes people that are "forced" to be alone because they perceive other women (or men in some cases) to be rejecting them because they are too shallow. They seem to think that they are entitled to have a woman or man.

Also, these people, like pussy-whipped males, don't have any skills or game, and don't understand the opposite sex. They rip on dating and pick-up gurus like David DeAngelo and Mystery and Carlos Zuma, but they are too ignorant to see that those people have helped guys understand women better.
This is from one of Steve Hoca's videos. He was a member of the True Forced Loneliness movement until the summer of 08, when he apparently decided to leave it and go out more. I don't think that worked out too well for him. In one of his videos, he said something about how guys that are getting good grades in school and are smart are having trouble attracting a woman. He might as well just say "I don't get it" and be done with it.
by sptrfn January 20, 2010
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