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An explosive shit that is so violent and sloppy that it coats the entire toilet bowl with a toxic layer of feces that dries quickly and becomes almost impenetrable to the cleansing effects of the toilet water, requiring harsh chemicals and vigorous scrubbing for removal. The spread angle of the shit is normally so large that it often manages to line areas of the bowl that are above the anus at the time of shitting.

Typically these are created by truckers, vagabonds, travelling salesmen, nomads or similar (likely due to the fact they are typically sustained on a diet of exclusively junk food and beer) and are found in truck stops, motorway services, rest stops, night clubs and other public toilets.
"Oh cripes, I just went to clean that toilet and someone has done a trucker shit in there. Nasty!"
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by Azbo The Great! March 09, 2017
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