A boat sandwiched between two trucks. As seen on the TV show "Squidbillies", driven by Early Cuyler.
"Wouldn't them fine-ass speakers sound gooder than hell comin' out the back of my truck-boat-truck
#truck-boat sandwich #ultra-goliath #squidbillies #truck boat truck #truckboattruck
by resist the flying lasers March 04, 2010
Top Definition
A Truck-Boat-Truck is what Early drives on "Squidbillies". It's a truck, hauling a boat, hauling a truck.
"Lord please forgive me for stealin these sum-bitchen speakers that would sound gooder than hell in the back of my truck-boat-truck"
#squidbillies #early #rusty #adult swim #ttruck #muddin
by R. Buckminster Fuller October 29, 2009
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