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1. an exwhordinary bitch that likes to talk about stretch marks and gets drunk around her child all day, a trubba hoe can possibly have herpes, but are usually mistaken for lip moles, they wear unappealing clothing, and just arent appealing.

2. A skank thats for sure jail bait, but you still tap her anyway.
example 1:
Jake ingram: Aidan, why did you bring the trubba hoe to our drinking spot again?

Aidan Orlando: idk, shes pretty when im drunk

Jake Ingram: nice.

Aidan Orlando: dude, id totally raise her kid, and bang her all the time

jake ingram: shes got herpes, look.

Aidan Orlando: its just moles.

Jake ingram: mmmmm, justmoles.

Example 2:
unknown: ima sit on your lap

jake: :D

unknown: im right here, girrrrp

jake: did you just puke nuts trubba hoe?

unknown: im still here.

jake: bang?
unknown: bang.
by real name goes here June 24, 2010
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