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Another word for a vagina. If the penis is a trout the vagina is the buffer.

When the penis(trout) moves in and out of the vagina(buffer) it gets buffed. Hence a trout buffer

Also a derogatory term to call someone.
Jer: Dude that girl was awesome in bed.

John: What was her best move?

Jer: She had an incredible trout buffer- she rode me on top like she owned it.

John: Word.
by Shonk Rager August 20, 2013
A term used to refer to a person's mouth. Typically used in circumstances such as "shut your whore mouth" or "shut your pudding hole" whilst evoking confusion but also intrigue in the recipient. Derived from the pseudonym for a penis (popularized by the phrase 'drop trout') combined with the polishing ability of saliva and motion of the tongue and lips in a manner similar to buffing whilst performing oral sex.
Kelly: Why won't you come to my parents for dinner with me?
Tim: I think that is moving a little fast for where we are in our relationship....
Kelly: Come Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ... Timmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (whining)
Tim: Dammit Kelly! Shut your trout buffer!
by Art Vandelay [import/export] August 21, 2013
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