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Jealous, bitter North London club that lost their final match of 05/06 season and the race for fourth to the mighty Arsenal when they underestimated a little bubble blowing club called West Ham. So jealous of their London betters were the Spuds that they claimed they were poisoned by the lasagne at the Grosvenor Square Hotel when really it was dirty Carrick gave them all gastro-enteritis. How we can never know for sure but it may have been due to his tendency to bend over.
Trottenham Hotsquirts: We were cheated! It was the lasagne at the posh hotel we stayed at made us sick (even though it was a local derby)
FA: Fuck off! You're out of the UEFA Cup in the first round instead of the Champions League next season.
Spuds: Not fair, not fair!
by A. Clare May 25, 2006

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