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When trolls on internet messageboards and forums wage warfare against each other, and usually involves increase of aggression from the "war of words" between forum members, to full-scale guerilla-troll tactics, waged until one troll accepts defeat and deletes their account, usually to reincarnate under another user name. Trollfare between groups, forums and messageboards, requires a degree of planning and application of trolling strategy to be conducted effectively in reaching their assumed objectives and goals.
OMG, the trolls on makeupalley have reincarnated and gone head to head on beautybash and waged guerilla-tactic trollfare. Watch out GF, it's allout trollfare!! May the best troll win.
by Mr Swipe December 16, 2008
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To constantly respond to internet commenters never ending trolling comments.
Don't give trollfare to the trolls.
by RealLivesMatter November 30, 2014
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