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1.) A festival the smartass' of social networking sites partake on a daily basis around the world, joining together and providing humor,humiliation, and mental/emotional abuse at the Original Posters exspense. Only to meet a common goal of wining the troll-a-thon and proudly glorifying their rein as supreme douche.
Politicians "running for office."
Every Blog
Xbox live
by superkingkamehamehaDOORKNOB August 18, 2010
A long trolling session usually spanning many hours or even days. Attempted on sites such as facebook or twitter etc.

Note: For best results, teamwork should be used and the exploitation of an experienced troller is also a necessity.
Geez man, I'm buggered from that troll-a-thon last night.

Can i have some help bro, this guy's trolling all over me in this troll-a-thon
by Untrollable_Troll April 11, 2011
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