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What one must pay to get into a boy's hole.

Troll: You gotta pay the troll toll to get into this boy's hole, you gotta pay the troll toll to get in. You want this baby boy's hole, you come and pay the troll toll, you gotta pay the troll toll to get in.

Troll: Troll toll!

Baby Boy: What'd you say?!

Troll: Troll toll!

Nightman: Hey, hey, hey!

All: Troll toll~~~~~~
by tmfkasueshm November 23, 2008
The cost of using a bridge or highway while getting to your destination. Payments are enforced by ugly pig like creatures.
During their family vacation and going thru various states the Griswalds paid troll-toll after troll-toll.
by jpg3 November 03, 2013
you have to pay to the vending machine troll to get snacks at the vending machine.
the troll being the people (usually minorities) hanging out out side of the vending machine.

guy-"crap the trolls are hear"

other guy-"does that mean we have to pay the troll toll?"
by your mans November 30, 2010
The "toll" an ugly bitch must pay to get a guy to fuck her, usually in the form of a handle of alcohol.
Kevin - Man this bitch is so ugly, she better pay a troll toll before ima fuck her!
Geraldo - That troll gave me a handle of tequila last week!
by CoCo-Money$$ November 29, 2008
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