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Troll Poll was a Large stick like object measuring rougly 7 feet in length and 5 inches in diametre,

This poll was used to prod Trolls that had lost there way during the great Troll migration between Quebek and capetown in the year 1560 Bc.
Useage As Follows:

1) Troll Walks Wrong Way
2) Aim Troll Poll At Trolls Abdemen
3) Apply Forcefull Pressure to the end of the pole
4) Poke the Troll in the Abdomen.
5) Troll Walks In Correct Direction.
by Tim August 18, 2004
Another term for not wanting to associate yourself with something or someone.
Tommy: the nutter plays battlefield 1942!

Loccen: BF1942 is shit, I wouldn't touch it with a troll poll!
by Tommy August 18, 2004
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