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A female message board user that kisses up to trolls. This person thinks that no matter how inapropriate a comment made by a troll is, it is adorable and will viciously defend this person against other normal posters who may disagree with the trolls unkind words
Troll-a-thon51: Did you hear about that (racial slurr) that killed that stupid faggot? Now if he would only kill himself. By the way I like 13 year old girls

Bob: Dude, someone died. Show a little respect.

Vixen66: Leave him alone! You're so mean Bob! He's funny tee hee! He just has a really good sense of humor! I wish we could breed, Troll-a-thon! I love how you hate everyone

Bob: Go to Hell ,Troll burner.
by Mr. poo poo June 26, 2009
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