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World Wrestling Entertainment Diva/Wrestler; 6 Time Women's Champion, 3 Time Babe of the Year, Diva of the Decade, Former Fitness Model and TAG Huntress.

Born in Richmond Hill Ontario, Canada on December 18, 1975 making her thirty years old. Has appeared in multiple magazines and on their covers, although she has never done Playboy. Has been on MADtv twice, done comedy shows up in Canada and will be hosting the 2006 Canada Walk of Fame. She has been employeed by the WWE since 2000. Her real name is Patricia Anne Stratigias and she has two sisters, Christie and Melissa. She still lives in Canada despite working in the US with the WWE.
Trish Stratus holds the women's champion a record of six times.
by cmarielizabethm March 14, 2006
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Female wrestler, former fitness model from Canada. Competes in WWE. Has a pair of buttocks the size of Jupiter each. Looks particularily good in a thong.
Trish Stratus posseses the greatest pair of glutes in the history of wrestling.
by Cruiser Crody June 03, 2005
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