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Psychedelics and other drugs that 'trip' a person out may leave permanent indentations on their nervous system, LSD (acid) is best known for this. When a person trips so hard or so many times they become locked into a permanent trip, they are considered Triplocked. People may also become mildly Triplocked, which is why those who have done many psychedelics in their time can trip out on marijuanna as if they had taken LSD or other halluciogenics that have them mildly triplocked. Triplocking has been reported from all types of hallucinogens.
"Ever heard of that triplocked old man who wonders around center city thinking he's a glass of orange juice? Holy shit I wonder how hard he had to trip to end up that way."

"Ever since I tripped balls on Ecstacy everything seems brighter when I get high."
by ~Club 41~ September 16, 2009

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