Can also be put together as TripleHelix so it flows nicely.
This sweet name was brewed up by me and my friend in biology a long time ago becaue we were discussing double helixes in it and then all the sudden i said "is there a such thing as a triple helix and my friend said that would be a cool name for a band" and i agreed, so I have used this name ever since SO NO ONE BETTER NOT JOCK ME

Sincerely, D.M.G.
TripleHelix will PWN YOU OMGWTFBBQ!!!XD
by Daniel September 01, 2004
Top Definition
Wherein you and your two best friends stand facing away from each other, link arms and squat while turning and dropping a deuce. The resulting action is a helix shaped piece of doodoo. It's best to do this in one of your parents bathtubs as to mark your territory and seal your bond of friendship.
Henry-How did you get to such good friends with Liz and Brian?
Me-We bonded over the triple helix in our freshman year of college.
by Ponchogoblin June 05, 2014
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