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An ugly person (male/female), a dog but worse! A dog who only gets fed on tripe.

A good for nothing person, A Tripe hound.
"Fuck off you little Tripe Hound!"
"I wouldn't like to wake up with your mam, she's a right Tripe Hound!"
"Who's ugly? You want to go and look in't mirror you fuckin' Tripe Hound"
by Klausey September 14, 2009
Military slang for triplane. Originally the nickname of the Sopwith Triplane during WWI. The "Tripehound" was so good that the Germans copied it and made the Fokker Dr.1, which was later made famous by the Red Baron.
As soon as the German saw the Tripehound, he knew he was screwed.
by atomicpacman April 08, 2011
Akin to the swamp donkey but with a verocious appetite. Can eat one potato more than a pig.
Look at that tripe hound over there, imagine giving that a "top hat magoo".
by TANTI - (SHAUN WARD) June 03, 2004
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