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A racist, hate-mongering "church" in Chicago formerly attended faithfully by President Obama. Members of this "church" must adhere to concepts such as a commitment to the black community, black family, and black work ethic. They are also to reject the idea of settling at "middleclassness." The pastor(s) of this "church," according to their doctrine, aspire to have a congregation who supports all active church members outside the church AND SOCIALISM (well, they call it economic parity...). They also harp on "African people in diaspora," or Africans who were forced into a large migration to a new land.
Trinity United Church of Christ member: I am a part of a black church who supports other black people.

Christian: I am a member of a white church who supports other white people.

Trinity United Church of Christ member: RACIST!

Christian: How is my church any different from yours?

Trinity United Church of Christ member: BECAUSE YOU'RE ALL RACIST AND WE ARE ALL VICTIMS. *hops in car and shoots Christian in a drive-by*
by The Balthazar September 06, 2009
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