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When someone matriculates to the Trinity College they instantly receive Trinity Swagg, TSwagg for short. Trinity Swagg is an ability to always be a mother fuckin' boss.

Having TSwagg consists, for guys, of a wardrobe of copious amounts of pastel colored Polos, Lacoste tees, button down shirts, double popped collars. Also, a necessity, is various Rainbow sandals for anything about 40 degrees TSwagg-enheit and various boat shoes and Timberlands for anything below. Girls, short skirts, white jeans, and flats are always a bonus. TSwagg girls always have them heels at least 4 inches, and whoever doesn't have them Ugg boots and Hunter rain boot ain't got that TSwagg. Party glasses are a necessity for both males and females to have TSwagg. Exposing cleavage only boosts Tswagg, girls got them pushup, bombshell bras, and fellas gotten them double popped collars with unbuttoning down to they nips; the more chest hair the better.

Lax sticks, fiddle sticks, spoons, cradlers, and any other synonym for a lacrosse stick is basically mandatory. Girls need to be able to pound 2 to 3 shots and be done for the night, with a chaser maybe 4. Then they talk about how good each other look, that's Tswagg. Outrageous flow and bodacious curves also increase TSwagg. Snap back hats and lacrosse pinneys; to strips of dyed hair and low cut shirts also expedite the increasage of TSwagg.

Guacamole is the TSwagg of all condiments.
Holy shit, those guys are from Trinity, they have mad Trinity Swagg (TSwagg)

My URichmond swagger is awful, I should have gone to Trinity to inflate my Trinity Swagg (TSwagg).

They may be assholes, but their Trinity Swagg (TSwagg) is orgasmic; I want that kid in my panties to play with "the zephyr"
by The Tswagg69696969696969696969 October 24, 2011

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