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Founded in 1823, Trinity college is an extension of boarding school for wealthy new england wasps and beautiful republicans who use their daddy's credit cards to buy the newest shades of Range Rovers and BMW's or go on spontaneous sailing trips to Nantucket. It is sometime referred to as "Little Yale" due to its similar academic rigor and preppiness, the only difference is Trinity's lower tolerance for the lower class, minorities and democrats(and most of Trinity students are actually in Yale Rejects in denial). The school is dominated by Squash players, Tennis players, Rowers and Sailors. The most popular styles in the school usually involve Golden Fleeces, Hermes, Whales and Nova Check- if you had to ask what any of these were you are obviously not a Trincoll Bantam and you would probably be shunned. Their alumni are all wealthy and successful and usually go on to Ivy League Graduate Schools.
Guy 1- Oh you go to Trinity College CT, I go to Yale.

Guy 2- Is it true there are actual democrats there?

Guy 1- Duh

Guy 2- That's nasty.
by Handsome Dan! December 10, 2012
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